Cashing in on Easter isn’t just for retailers

24th March, 2016

Easter has long been a huge sales opportunity for supermarkets selling chocolate eggs and lamb roasts. More recently DIY stores, garden centres, homeware and fashion retailers, hotels, pubs, and even airlines have all turned the onset of better weather and the first bank holiday since Christmas to their advantage.

In 2015 it was estimated that British consumers would spend £747 million on Easter treats. So if your business is in any other sector than retail or leisure, you must be wondering how you can engage with customers and build your sales too for Easter 2016.


Inexpensive Easter marketing campaigns

Whatever sector your business finds itself in, whether it’s financial services, construction, healthcare, or the public sector, there are a range of inexpensive, quick marketing campaign mechanics you can use to drive customer engagement this Easter.

Start by defining your target audience. Know their gender, age, income and, as it’s a family holiday, whether they’re homeowners, married, have children, grandchildren etc.

Now take these facts, along with any insights you have, to construct a mental picture of your audience as if they were one person. So say they’re male, aged 40-50, earning £30k, likely to be homeowners with 2.4 grown-up kids, you could say they’re like Brian who lives down the road from you.

Now ask yourself what Brian will be doing this Easter weekend? Is it his first long weekend since Christmas? Will he have been given a list of DIY tasks to do? Will he be dragged around a supermarket on Friday afternoon? Will he spend Easter Sunday with family or down the pub? Now think what these activities mean. Will Brian want an escape from the shopping trip? Will he be looking for DIY tips? Will he want something funny to share with his mates or guests?

All these assumptions will shape which media you choose, which mechanic you choose, what day or time you send your marketing, and what messaging you use.


Here’s our top five marketing campaign mechanics:

1. Wish them a happy Easter

Sometimes simplicity is best. You could send a short but sweet branded email or text wishing your audience a happy Easter from all your team. As you’re not selling anything, your message should stand out in the barrage of marketing comms; after all a heartfelt communication is all many of us really want!

 2. Humorous social media content

If your audience want a laugh over Easter, tweet, post or email them shareable, funny content at strategic times throughout the bank holiday. Screwfix’s series of tape measure challenges was a brilliantly insightful, yet low-cost way to engage with a target audience.

3. Quick and easy competition

If your audience are social-media-savvy you could run a Twitter, Facebook or Instagram competition asking them to share their Easter highlights for a small prize. You could set this up with a series of posts over the weekend (make sure you’re clear about any terms & conditions). Simply ask them to photograph anything from their dodgiest DIY attempts or the view out of their Easter Break window, to their cheffy lamb roast or their biggest chocolate egg.

For audiences who will be working over the bank holiday, you could celebrate their efforts. Again through social media, ask people to nominate their ‘Easter Hero’ who is missing out on all their Easter Break because they’re caring for others or keeping the shelves stocked with chocolate eggs. It could be a mini version of the nationwide Stand Up For Social Work campaign.

4. Top tips

Knowing what your target audience might be doing over Easter 2016 allows you to put together some top tips for achieving their ideal bank holiday. These could be for low-cost family activities, the perfect dinner party, gardening, local events… anything you know your audience needs. You could email these as a downloadable PDF, tweet individual tips at strategic times over the weekend or post out as a fridge flyer.

5. Offer your services

As this bank holiday is a prime time for people getting their finances, calendars and plans for 2016 sorted, you could simply promote your services in fresh ways.

You don’t necessarily have to give anything away for free. If your business offers appointments, you could simply offer these on Good Friday and Easter Monday when people have more time. Or create time-sensitive offers such as offering low-cost initial consultations if customers register their interest before Easter Monday.

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