Pity the Fool-er

31st March, 2016

April 1st is just around the corner, and with it come all those cheeky pranksters looking to prey on the gullible in all of us, with stories that could be hilariously true. In this digital age, it perhaps should be retitled National Troll Day, but that’s just asking for trouble.

Not to be outdone, brands are eager to get in on the act too as it’s a fantastic way to achieve customer engagement. April Fools can be an amazing day, full of creative ideas that make brands relevant, smart and responsive. Really, it’s what brands should be striving for all year round, and it’s something we, as a Leeds marketing agency, try to impart onto our clients and into our work.

The trouble is, you’ve got to get it right, for there’s nothing worse than a Dad joke. The prank has at least got to be funny, and at best has to be semi-believable. Make an eye-rolling hoax and the much sought after customer response turns into one that’s just cringe. You don’t want your audience pitying the fool-er.

So this year, let’s hope we get April Fools brand campaigns that are original, brave, engaging and above all funny – because everyone, no matter their demographic, loves to laugh.

Some great pranks from last year:


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