...It’s the worst thing a marketing manager can create

29th April, 2016

Leeds Digital Festival has been a great week of inspiring talks on everything from using big data in delivering marketing strategies, to getting women into coding and new trends in the creative industry.

Each talk is an eye opener, not only because you realise how much innovation and creative thinking there is in Leeds, but also because you take away little nuggets that will inspire you for the rest of your career.

Last night that golden nugget came from the mouth of a 24 year old. Dressed like a hip student in his signature pork pie hat, he bounced up on stage like he was at a gig. He said ‘The worst thing a marketing manager can create is indifference’.

Sure, I’ve heard it before, many times, but when he said it just after having told us his company got the gaming app Tippy Tap to be number 1 in the App Store by telling people not to download it, that’s when it has gravitas!

The ‘hip student’ I’m talking about is Steve Bartlett, CEO and founder of Europe’s largest influencer marketing agency Social Chain. He and his team of student dropouts get hashtags trending in less than 30 minutes (well 21 minutes is their PB).

Indifference is OK, isn’t it?

Marketing is all about engaging customers; cutting through the noise; being unforgettable. And magnolia isn’t memorable.

For me, Warburtons stuck two fingers up to indifference with their Giant Crumpets marketing. They could just have released an ad of a ‘now even bigger’ crumpet. But no, they made me feel something. They got the Muppets on board and made a huge song and dance about crumpets. It’s been a long time since I danced and sang along to a TV ad, and ‘Giantational, crumpetational Giant Crumpet Show’ will be stuck in my head for a very long time. Oh and their Giant Crumpets really are incredible!


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