Hollywood A-listers working at Alchemy!

20th April, 2016

They say everyone has a doppelganger, which for us marketers is a bit of a problem. We don’t like homogeny. We like products and services to have unique features that we can champion in advertising.

Of course, as soon as something hits the big time, the opposite is true. We want to align our marketing and products with big-name brands. It follows then that when our doppelganger is famous, we want to tell everyone that the celeb looks like us!

So in honour of National Look Alike Day, I had a quick ask around The Alchemy office in Leeds and found we’re quite an A-list looking bunch!


Could Adam, our Art Director, moonlight as Alan Tudyk?

Adam as Pirate - final


Sam, our Content Manager, is definitely unique, but looks a lot like Chris Pratt

Sam H as Chris - final


James, our Studio Manager, has already been mistaken for Dec Donnelly

James as Dec - final


Sam, our Finance Manager, loves Linda Barker being the double of her!

Sam as Linda - final


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