Just fooling around

2nd April, 2016

1st April 2016 has been another great day for April Fools’ pranks. As ever, the trick is that they’re so plausible that you’re just not quite 100% sure that the prank couldn’t be true. In fact there’s one story that I’m adamant is an April Fool, even though Campaign is adamant it’s not – the AI Creative Director designed by McCann Worldgroup, Tokyo. Apparently the robot will ‘draw on artificial intelligence to suggest ideas for the development of TV commercials’… if that’s not a joke, then I’ll eat my pen!

A little-less-than-plausible, is Grimsby Telegraph’s story of Young’s Seafood launching a fine dining restaurant for kitty cats. I was almost taken in until the article stated that “Guests will enter the restaurant on Grimsby Docks through a catflap to dine from specially designed bone china bowls. After their meals diners will be led by their meowtre d’ through to a luxurious stretching room to recline with a selection of finest catnips…” More fool me!

Talking of food fools, Albert Bartlett’s Tasty Tatties and Rowse’s Wasp Honey did make me look twice…

Albert Bartlett


And the great copywriting on this Churchill Insurance gag did make me giggle…

Churchill Eau Yes


But if you’re wishing you’d got in on the pranks this year, just be glad you didn’t do a Google! Their Mic Drop April Fools has really backfired after businesses clicked the new button on Gmail which launched an animated gif of a Minion dropping a mic. Fine, funny even, but that little Minion stopped all further email threads, meaning businesses were left picking up the pieces after important replies were never received.

Mic Drop

(Header image from campaignlive.co.uk)


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