Chip Shop Awards - the ones that got away

10th May, 2016

This year, we’ve been nominated for a Chip Shop Award. Huzzah! Time to do a happy dance and act insufferably smug.

But inevitably, there were always going to be a few of our entries that got away – the ideas that just didn’t quite make the shortlist among such a high standard of entries this year.

We still love them of course, and want to give them their fair dues. Right now, as a matter of fact. So here they are, in all their didn’t-quite-make-it-but-are-still-rather-good glory.


Best Charity Ad



Best Use of Honesty



Best Rejected Concept



Best Apology Ad



Best of luck to all those who entered this year (but not too much, we still want to win)! The award ceremony is on 9th June, and until then we’re going to keep our fingers crossed, which makes typing very difficult so please expect some typooos.,

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