And the nominations are in...

9th May, 2016

Back in April, Alchemy entered The Chip Shop Awards. For anyone who doesn’t know, these awards are like no other in the marketing industry. Creativity is king and ads do not have to run to win. They’re judged by creative greats from the UK’s top advertising agencies, like Ogilvy & Mather and Leo Burnett.

This year’s Chip Shop Awards categories were things like ‘Ad most likely to get the Chip Shop Awards up sh*t creek’ and ‘Best work for a brand you have not a hope in hell of winning’.

So our creative teams got to work in studio and the pub (surprise, surprise). Marketing rule books, client briefs and our dignity were chucked out the top floor window, and we created cracking concepts for Specsavers and Donald Trump, a VW apology, and two charity ads raising awareness of M.E. and prostitution in the UK (we’ll post these later!)

On 9th May we were glued to The Chip Shop Awards’ twitter feed. Within minutes we were screaming out loud at our nomination for the Women’s Support Project. It was great to think our ideas are rubbing shoulders with the likes of Bareface Media, SapientNitro and Stein IAS!

Chip Shops 2016 Womens_Support_Group 3


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